Coach Your Closet to a Better Style

Coach Your Closet to a Better Style

Ever feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Ever feel like you always seem to be out of hangers? Now raise your hand if you experience these two things at the same. dang. time. How is that even possible, you ask? When you feel like you don’t have anything to wear, it’s usually for one of two reasons: your closet is so full that the pieces you actually like get hidden (and forgotten) in the clutter or you’re buying what you think you should wear and what you hope will make you stylish but you don’t actually like or feel good in these pieces.

The beauty of cleaning out your closet is that you always have the option to do it yourself and you’ll experience benefits no matter what. Yet ,there’s also a reason there’s an entire industry around cleaning out closets and professionals who can help. The benefit of working with a professional style coach is that everything in your closet truly reflects YOU and the styles you love – so every piece in your closet will be a favorite piece. 

Read on for more benefits of working with a style coach and what you can expect in the process: 

Who ordered a cup of tough love?

We develop strong emotional attachments to clothes, either because the piece holds sentimental value or because we only feel secure in certain styles. Having a professional at your side means you’ll have someone who can help you work through these attachments. That includes playing the tough love card when needed to help you discard items that no longer serve you so you can get your desired results. 

We ask the hard questions

Whoa, Rachel – why do I need to know the meaning of life when I’m cleaning out my closet? No, not those questions! Questions like “What do you want your style to be? Does this shirt reflect that? Then why do you need to keep it?” or “I know it fits well but is it a style you like? How is it going to benefit you?” And yes, sometimes even the infamous “Does it bring you joy?” question.

We see the big “style” picture

It’s easy to decide to keep a top because it fits well and seems to be a good piece to have for the weekends. But if you want to be polished, feminine and modern and this top is a basic striped tee from American Eagle that you’ve had for 7 years, how is that getting you closer to your goal of creating a Megan Markle inspired style? It’s not! It’s not serving your style dream and it needs to go. (See tough love benefit above.)

We create a cohesive closet that supports easy mixing and matching

It’s always beneficial to have an objective eye when cleaning your closet, especially one that can help you understand the strategy behind getting dressed and how to create a cohesive closet that makes it super easy. I’m not talking a capsule wardrobe here (unless that’s what you want, of course!) but rather someone who can keep an eye on the color palette, occasion, patterns and styles to make sure you have plenty of pieces that can easily work together to make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. 

Example Time!

Would you be shocked if I told you these clothes all belong to the same person? Well guess what? They do! The clothes on the left hand side represent all the old, outdated, not relevant pieces that were cluttering up the Client’s closet. The picture on the right hand side is her closet after we cleaned out the clutter and let the styles she loved shine through. Notice the cohesion that makes mixing and matching a breeze. She also had a very clear signature style that easily presented itself once we removed the clutter.

Sweet, sweet bonus

As they work through your closet, a style coach is also great at seeing any gaps in your current wardrobe that might be preventing you from achieving your style goals. They can suggest clothes to fill in the gaps so you can round out your wardrobe and bring your signature style to life. 

In closing….

We hire interior designers to come into our homes and make them beautiful places filled with cohesive pieces and styles that we love. Think of a style coach as someone who can do this for your closet. The added bonus is that it’s not just you seeing the change. Working through your closet with a style coach also helps you upgrade your style so you’re taking those pieces you love, putting them on and in doing so, sharing a very real, authentic part of yourself with the world.

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