How to Look More Stylish in 3 Seconds

How to Look More Stylish in 3 Seconds

Yes, there does exist a magical, unicorn, fairy dust style tip that can help you look more stylish in just 3 seconds. And it’s something I do every day. Yep, every. single. day. What is it, you ask? Front-tucking your shirt! I’m always amazed at how few people know about this. It’s THE number one way to look stylish in seconds no matter what you’re wearing. Have I convinced you yet? Read on for the low down behind this style tip!

It instantly lengthens your legs

What?! Tell me more about how this miracle happens! Well, based on how the eye works, your legs are perceived to start wherever the hem of your shirt ends. When you front-tuck your shirt, you raise the hem up. Therefore, your leg line starts higher and goes on longer. Poof – instantly longer legs! 

It defines your waist

When you tuck your top in, you create a gentle focal point. This draws the eye to your waist and gives it a naturally flattering definition, creating a balanced silhouette.

Gives instant shape to boxy fitting tops

That waist definition takes care of any boxiness for an overall flattering look. If you have a shirt that you tend not to wear because it looks shapeless, give this style tip a try. You might just fall in love with that shirt again! 

There are a few variations of the standard front-tuck. Let’s look at how to do them all! 

  • The classic front-tuck involves taking just the front hem of your shirt and tucking it into your bottoms. Once you’ve tucked it all the way in, grab your shirt right above where it’s tucked into your bottoms and pull up lightly on the fabric. Then let the extra fabric hang over the waistband of your bottoms for a casual chic effect. You can play around with how much you want to hang over, though usually it’s best to only have a few inches at most.
  • The boyfriend tuck is very similar but instead of the entire front of the shirt tucked in and bloused over the waistband of your bottoms, it’s just one spot to the left or right side. To do this, grab a piece of your shirt on one side, and loosely tuck it into your waistband. Play around with the surrounding fabric to make sure it lays how you want it to. 
  • The half tuck is done with a button down blouse. Make sure you leave a few buttons unbuttoned at the bottom, then take one half of the blouse and tuck it in. Leave the other half untucked completely. This style is great for a fashion-forward, edgy look! 

Now head over to the mirror and give it a try!

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