3 Reasons to Clean Out Your Closet

3 Reasons to Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet can seem overwhelming, scary, not fun, and downright anxiety-provoking. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone who has said to me “you know, Rachel, I really LOVE cleaning out my closet. I do it all the time for fun!” (If you are one of those people, please email me. I need to know you.) 

I do know that it has a trillion benefits and that you should all make this a part of your annual routine. See yearly isn’t so bad, right? While there are a lot of little reasons and excuses to stay away from your closet, check out these BIG benefits that will have you wanting to dive right in! 

That “ahhhhh” feeling of incredible peace

The one that descends on you anytime you enter into a clean organized space. It’s no wonder the Marie Kondo craze took off like crazy and everyone is tidying up their lives. Within the chaos that we all experience on a daily basis, there is huge relief in being surrounded by a space that is clear of clutter and chaos. Your closet is no different. And since you interact with your closet everyday – we all have to get dressed! – you can start your morning in peace with a well-organized, beautifully decluttered closet.

A focus on what you love

Those pieces holding negative space in your closet and your head are nowhere to be seen. When you clear out the pieces you haven’t worn in years, things that make you feel frumpy, and especially those too small “just in case” pants, it frees you. Yes, I’m getting a bit philosophical up in here but it’s true and it’s worth mentioning. Every time you look at that too small dress that reminds you of your “skinny” days you’re disrespecting where you’re at now. And where you’re at now is beautiful.  Life lesson side note –  it’s always beautiful because your clothing size has nothing to do with who you are.

You get to have fun with your clothes again!

Removing all the pieces from your closet that you feel “meh” about means you can no longer retreat to your security blanket everyday. It sounds scary at first but you’ll quickly realize how thrilling it is! Go on and grab that wild pattern top that you only wear on your most confident days – and then watch today turn into that day. You don’t have to wait around for a confident day, you can make it happen by wearing what you love! Give yourself the first push and get rid of pieces that don’t do beautiful you justice. 

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